Hey!! 1 month to GO!!!

Hi Everyone ! Welcome to join the wedding blog of Richard and me.

First, I have to say thanks to my fiancé, Richard who squeeze time from his busy schedule to create this website where our family, friends and people we love to share our wedding happiness.

For those people who know Richard and me for a long while, you understand we both enjoy things stay simple and natural. We believe result will be great for whatever you do as long as we fully participate in the process and enjoy every moment.

We have the same belief in our wedding. Due to some limitations, we know not all of our friends or relatives can participate in our wedding banquet on Dec 3. That’s why we create this blog as the platform to invite you to share your blessings, or messages you want to pass to Richard and me. Any words you put here we will treasure as a valuable gift and part of our memory of our wedding.

So let’s start to post a note here and join our happiness and participate in our wedding preparation from today!!!

With Love,


Hello world!

I have been contemplating an idea to create a website to announce our wedding. A simple blog would give updates to all the preparations. After a lot of procrastinations, I have now found that this is much simple that you might think. Thanks to my future wife who did most of the tasks such as arranging appointments with different vendors, tailors, photographers, and I hope I can detail them here. The count down begins!